LP Plans

Adam Darski aka Nergal and British-Polish rock musician John Porter have released Cooking Vinyl's debut album "Songs Of Love And Death" on a joint blues/country project Me and That Man in March 24th. In turn, Behemoth spent last year holding a series of North American concerts in support of the latest "The Satanist" album. In addition to the show, fans could also enjoy the special exhibition "The Congregation" - symbiosis Behemoth and Toxic Vision - which was held at each concert venue of the tour. In addition, Behemoth presented its fans with the new full-length live album titled Messe Noire on April 13th.

Behemoth seems to have a busy year, but this is not the end of such a prolific process, because the death metal band from Gdansk will soon present their new music material! Behemoth leader Adam Darski said the following words about the group's plans: "I know that it's been a lot of time, but time is flying, and we are very inspired by the new material. I like to work with Behemoth because when I returned to recording songs with this band after [the folk project Me and That Man], I was overwhelmed by super-thirst for extreme sound. And I really hope that everything that we are working with Behemoth now sounds different - updated, partly rethought and fresh. It will be more visible later because it's probably too early to talk about it. "

By the way, Behemoth has not announced any release dates or titles of the album itself, but they are advised to stay on the pulse because it will happen very quickly.