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Behemoth will return to North America this Autumn Due to their 'Ecclesia Diabolica America E.V. Tour' with At The Gates and Wolves In The Throne Room.

All three bands will soon be launching a portal to hell at Aztec Theatre on Tuesday, October 23, 2018.

Poland's intense metal masters Behemoth also have teased the details of the forthcoming 11th album.

The disc, named I Loved You at Your Darkest, will see the world on October 5th later this fall.

"It's more rock-oriented than any other Behemoth record," says frontman Nergal

Those attending can expect to hear songs from Behemoth's coming new record with the group's frontman Nergal quoted as saying.

"I hereby announce Behemoth‘s triumphant return to the North American shores this fall. We will be in the noble company of At The Gates and Wolves In The Throne Room, who will be supporting us on our 11th opus."

Hot off their stint playing service on Slayer's farewell tour, Behemoth may even play 24 dates across the United Kingdom and Europe in ancient 2019 in support of their forthcoming record I Loved You At Your Darkest.

The shows will kick off at Frankfurt's Batschkapp on January 10 and wrap up with a performance in the QMU in Glasgow on February 11.

“We hope to see our UK legions to join those libations and celebrate magick and musick with us! Hail Satan!”

Talking about the UK leg of this tour, vocalist and guitarist Nergal said:

“Albion! It is with the utmost thrill we are announcing our triumphant return to your shores with the new music, new production and new strength!”

Polish metal band, Behemoth formed in October 1991 in Gdansk, and until 1992, performed under the name "Baphomet". In the beginning, they worked mainly as the black metal group, but after 1994, Behemoth changed the whole idea and became closer to the pagan metal. Subsequently, the band began to perform death-metal, leaving the pagan subject in favor of occultism, as well as the mythology of the Middle East. 

The continuous leader of the collective since 1991 is the main composer and author of the texts Adam Nergal Darski. During the concerts, the band act with characteristic black and white make-up and use specific costumes. Throughout Behemoth’s history, the group released ten studio albums, the latest of which is ‘The Satanist’, which hit the world on May 31, 2013, via Nuclear Blast and Metal Blade; LP took fourth place on the US Top Hard Rock Albums chart by Billboard.

Latest album information

Released in February 2014, "The Satanist" marked the Behemoth's 10th studio album and a follow-up to 2009's "Evangelion." In 2010, frontman Adam "Nergal" Darski was diagnosed with leukemia, and this record is his triumphant return to the world of music. Dark, enigmatic, thunderous, exciting, yet true to the band's tradition and heritage, it was universally hailed as a masterpiece and one of the finest metal efforts of the decade. Every aspect of artistic expression from music to artwork to videos accompanying the effort are a part of a grand story that climaxes with the album's final song "O Father O Satan O Sun!" This is a story that goes beyond extreme metal, this is a piece of Darski's very being. On the technical side, the album features a set of nine songs clocking in at just under 45 minutes. It was released via Nuclear Blast Records with several individuals at the helm of production - the band themselves, Daniel Bergstrand, Wojciech Wieslawski, and Slawomir Wieslawski. The effort was recorded between February and June of 2013 at two studios in Poland - Hertz Studio in Bialystok and RG Studio in Gdansk.

Bands members and the origin

Behemoth is the brainchild of frontman, vocalist, guitarist and songwriter Adam "Nergal" Darski, who is the only original member of the band's current lineup and the only musician who was in Behemoth throughout its existence since 1991. If we count musicians who were hired for live concerts only, the group has a list of over 10 former members, but the core of the act has been operating as a three-piece since 2003 featuring Nergal, Zbigniew "Inferno" Prominski on drums and on Tomasz "Orion" Wroblewski on bass and backing vocals. 
Additionally, Patryk "Seth" Sztyber has been the band's session and live member since 2004, taking up the position of a second guitarist and backing singer. As noted, the group was founded in 1991, producing music as a three-piece and focusing on traditional black metal style with what was described as "heathen" lyrical content. They soon shifted to mystic and occult themes, while infusing their sound with elements of death metal to ultimately forge their blackened death metal brand of extreme music. The band's goal was always expanding the horizons of listeners with taboo topics and delving into domains of the occult and satanic.

Typical performance and style

In addition to the aforementioned blackened death metal musical style, Behemoth is known for quality musicianship and controversial black metal image. Their live concerts heavily rely not just on quality sonic delivery, but on unifying the elements of music with visual parts. 
Members of the band always grace the stage with corpse paint and full-blown metal attire, and their performance is accompanied by a light show and a variety of visual effects. Over the years, the band was branded with a variety of musical labels, although Nergal was the first one to discard those. And while "blackened death metal" is a concise way of summing Behemoth up, their music, in fact, features a set of elements taken from traditional black metal, death metal, technical death metal, melodic death metal, and even moments of thrash metal.

Behemoth's quick discography

Behemoth have a string of 10 studio albums under their belt, with the latest one being 2014's "The Satanist." Their first record saw its release in 1995 under the title of "Sventevith (Storming Near the Baltic)" and secured the band the position of a torchbearer of Polish fresh underground metal scene. Keeping the black metal spirit as the focal musical point, the band released "Grom" in 1996 and "Pandemonic Incantations" in 1998. With 1999's "Satanica," elements of death metal have reached the group's sonic palette and continued to thrive to this very day. 2004's "Demigod" saw the band making bigger waves in wider circles of the metal community while 2009's "Evangelion" scored them their first No. 1 chart debut in their native Poland. Behemoth are among few bands who started their musical journey 25 years ago to have their latest album hailed as their finest effort to date, which is exactly what is happening with "The Satanist."

  • 04 September at 20:00
  • Tampa, FL
  • MidFlorida Credit Union Amphitheatre At The Florida State Fairgrounds
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  • 15 June at 17:00
  • Orlando, Florida
  • Orlando Amphitheater at Central Florida Fairgrounds
  • 03 November at 19:30
  • New York, US
  • PlayStation Theater (former Best Buy Theatre)
  • 21 November at 19:30
  • Portland, US
  • Mcmenamins Crystal Ballroom